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WWW Day One

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This is just a placeholder for now. Eventually, I will create entries for some of my historical mailing list posts and then, hopefully, add to them as time goes on.

There is quite a bit of backlog and a bunch of new material I will be creating for the site, so, if you stumble on the site until I get a chance to deal with all that, be patient. When the backlog has been cleared, I will send out a notice to the old list.

Alternate Name for Grape Varieties


I have enjoyed using your varietals database, principally for researching grape varietals I find for our Wine Century Club records. So far, we're at 116 varietals, but always looking for new ones. I have not found a more thorough listing of grape varietals, so I commend you on your efforts.

I have found what I thought are several omissions from your list, which I have used to add to my varietals count, and some places where I have found alternative names for varietals that are listed in your database. Unfortunately, I didn't think to email you to see if you wanted that information before now. Most are Italian grape varietals that were (a) not in your database, and (b)not just anothere name for a grape in your database (based on the research I could do using Google).

Would you like to hear about new or different-name findings that come up? For example, we had some wine last night that was principally the Nero di Troia grape. You list its alternative name Uva di troia, but don't record its alternate Nero di troia.

I'd prefer to contact you via email, since I don't regularly check blogs. If so, please let me know at, and send me your email address for any new varietals I come up with.

Larry Mendolia