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Wine Century Club Application

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This spreadsheet is intended to help you track your total varieties for your Wine Century Club application.

To use this sheet, fill in lines below the title line. We have included a couple common varities to get you started, so delete any that you haven't tasted. You may copy these from the Muse Grape Varieties database or enter them by hand from data obtained from the Vitis database or any other source. If you cut and paste from the Muse database, you should use Paste Special and check only "Values" to avoid pasting in the validation constraints that are used in the Muse database. You may add new wines anywhere you would like below the titles, but don't leave any blank lines. Use the Sort By Cultivar Name and Sort By Prime Name buttons to put things back in order for you after you have created new entries. The Species, Berry Skin, and Country of Origin columns are not required, but can be useful in distinguishing some grapes. If you encounter grapes with the same prime name, but which are not the same grape, e.g., different berry color, modify one or both Prime Names so that they are unique. The notes column is for wine name, appellation, vintage, etc. and is optional. It can also be used to note when you are uncertain which of several prime names matches the grape you have tasted. Grape varieties that you've tried only in blends with other varieties are permitted. For Wine Century Club purposes, it is the count of Prime Names which count, i.e., the actual unique grapes, but we are including the Cultivar names because that is usually the name on the bottle and so search by Cultivar name can make it easier to find out whether or not you have tasted a grape before. E.g., while Shiraz and Syrah are both Syrah, having Shiraz in the list will tell you that you have tasted it already and figured out to which Prime name it corresponds. Use the Refresh Counts button to check your current status. You should be in Cultivar Name sort to do this, but that would be the normal way to keep the sheet.

If you have at least 100 varieties checked, mail or fax the application to the address at the top of the sheet and allow 3-4 weeks to receive your certificate and further information regarding your membership. Please note that the application is entirely on the honor system; should you lie, may the wrath of Bacchus curse your palate!

If there are questions or problems using the sheet, please contact me at thomas [at]

New varietal: Casetta or Foja Tonda

A new varietal to add to your database?