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I recently discovered that this site had been bombarded with a huge amount of spam. As a result, I have deleted all the spam and almost all of the comments. It is quite possible I deleted something that was not spam, but there was just too much to go through very carefully. I have also deleted virtually all of the users, since most of the users were clearly there only to post spam. It is quite likely I deleted some legitimate people in the process, but again, there were just too many to investigate very carefully.

I also have changed the registration policy, unfortunately, so that anyone who would like to post here is going to have to write me in advance at thomas at a-muse-in-the-cellar dot com so that I can create an account. If there is more interest in posting, I will revisit this policy later, but for now it has to be my first line of defense.

Sorry about that, but this seems to be the modern internet.