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WWW Day One

This is just a placeholder for now. Eventually, I will create entries for some of my historical mailing list posts and then, hopefully, add to them as time goes on.

There is quite a bit of backlog and a bunch of new material I will be creating for the site, so, if you stumble on the site until I get a chance to deal with all that, be patient. When the backlog has been cleared, I will send out a notice to the old list.

Attention Holding

I had the 1994 Niebaum-Coppola Claret last night -- a pretty good $13 bottle, all things considered -- and in the process clarified some of my thoughts about what it is that I am looking for in wines these days. The quality that I think I am looking for is the ability of the wine to hold my attention. This is not any one aspect of the wine and has only a bit to do with the strictly technical merits of the wine, much like it does in music.

Bits of history

For some years I have posted occasional remarks about wine to a small list of readers. My intention wasn't to tell anyone what to drink, but simply to share thoughts ... musings, if you will ... occasioned by wine or associated with wine people or wine events. Recently, I finally got around to building this website, so I am going to collect a few of the historical posts here on the chance they might amuse someone else.

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